We have interest for all your semi refined AU Commodity available for sale.

First delivery, hand carry best delivery options:

Airport Ljubljana, Schengen Visa, Quantities 10 Kgs / 5 Kgs / 2 Kgs

Airport Vienna, Schengen Visa, Quantities 50 Kgs / 25 Kgs / 10 Kgs

Airport Zurich, Switzerland Visa, Quantities 50 Kgs / 25 Kgs / 10 Kgs

Therefore to reduce Owner/Exporter/Seller's costs/risks delivery destination Ljubljana should be optimal.

Best options for Air line schedule should be Air France (Paris/Ljubljana) and Turkish Airlines (Istanbul/Ljubljana).

Raw AU Commodity.

 AU Commodity form Dust, Nuggets, Bars.


AU Commodity type Bars, Bullions, Hallmarked.


Gold Dust, Gold Nuggets, Gold Bars, Gold Ore.

Semi refined Gold, Purity from 50% to 99%.

We the buyers have huge quantity requests.

First delivery for trial smelting is needed, like 25 (15) (10) Kgs.

TTM Meeting is feasible and may be implemented in locations of european airports (Ljubljana/Vienna/Zurich).

We the buyers are paying and we will pay the purchase money for your gold according to our agreement.

Basic steps for the first delivery:

1. Credible FCO Offer Incoterms DAP Airport Europe from the Owner/Exporter.

2. Upon FCO from GGI Support Team follows the CGO Contract Draft arrangement.

3. Upon the Passport for the delivery agent the Business invitation for delivery to Europe.

4. Delivery agent Embassy/Consulate appointment booking for Visa procedure.

5. Delivery agent Air hand carry delivery trip schedule planning.

Incoterms DAP Details, HERE.

First delivery options:

Hand carry, Courier delivery, etc.:

10 Kgs, 5 Kgs, 2 Kgs (Ljubljana).

10 Kgs, 15 Kgs, 25 Kgs (Vienna/Zurich).

Shipping company, Private jet, etc.:

100 Kgs or 150 Kgs.

Delivery destinations:

Airport Ljubljana EU Slovenia.

Airport Vienna EU Austria.

Airport Zurich Switzerland.

To continue our conversation your AU Commodity Supply Soft Offer would be needed.

Gold Owners, Exporters, Agents, Facilitators, Brokers, Intermediaries, you are welcome all.

Regarding the procedure you do not have to worry, you will be guided from GGI Support Team.

GGI Corporation is representing several European financial companies and several Private and State Banks all over the world and also many other companies from all over the world. Corporate business partners are gold buyers that they are interested for Fine Gold 999'9 purchases only.

Are you and your clients able to supply semi refined AU Commodity like Dust or Nuggets or Bars?

Buyers' trust and confidence without commodity smelting are not possible.


We the gold end buyers have interest for semi refined AU Commodity purchases. Our corporate members have interest for huge deliveries quantities. Therefore the credible Owner/Exporter AU Commodity supply Soft Corporate Offer for first delivery is needed.

Thus send your AU Commodity supply SCO Soft Corporate Offer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.