Hand carry best delivery options

Incoterms Definitions HERE.

Incoterms DAP = Delivered At Place = Full CIF

  • Airport Ljubljana, Schengen Visa, Quantities 10 Kgs / 5 Kgs / 2 Kgs
  • Airport Vienna, Schengen Visa, Quantities 50 Kgs / 25 Kgs / 10 Kgs
  • Airport Zurich, Switzerland Visa, Quantities 50 Kgs / 25 Kgs / 10 Kgs

Therefore to reduce Owner/Exporter/Seller's costs/risks delivery destination Ljubljana should be optimal.

Best options for Air line schedule should be Brussels Airlines (Brussel/Ljubljana) and Air France (Paris/Ljubljana).

Recommended procedure:

1. CGO Pre Agreement authorisation for buyers' needs, requests, conditions fulfilment.

2. Owner/Exporter/Seller's Contract authorisation for export country laws regulation fulfilment. 

Owner/Exporter/Seller's Contract may be arranged as annex to CGO Pre Agreement.

To start buiyers' procedure credible Owner/Exporter's FCO is needed HERE.

Options for Air Ticket costs compensation HERE.

Options for TTM Top Table Meeting HERE.

AMS Security ID Certificate Sample HERE.